Medical Telehealth Counseling 




Tampa Bay Uveitis is now offering Medical Telehealth Counseling. Medical Telehealth Counseling provides virtual access to Dr. Levy-Clarke, an NIH trained autoimmune specialist with 25 years of experience in autoimmune disease management. If you are interested, an initial assessment will be conducted with Dr. Levy-Clarke. You will then discuss your counseling options and length of program (typically 12 weeks with weekly or bi weekly follow ups). At this point you will have the opportunity to proceed or discontinue counseling. We look forward to serving you.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Telehealth is a virtual service therefore anyone with access to internet can use this service. No in person visits are required for this service. 

What Do You Offer?​

Telehealth counseling can be utilized to fit your needs. Common goals can include: 

 -Full body wellness program personalized by you and your specialist.

-COVID-19 testing if applicable. 

-Baseline labs of inflammatory markers.

-Mental health assessments and/or treatment plans (including stress and attitude management)

-Fitness assessments and/or treatment plans (including movement and nutrition management)

-Holistic health treatments

-Group discussions regarding autoimmune disease and COVID-19

... and more.